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A Jacob/Bella & Jacob/Leah fansite.

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A Leah/Jacob Bella/Jacob fansite
This is a brand spanking new community for all your Leah/Jacob and Bella/Jacob needs. You may post fanfiction involving either of the ships (or both), songs that remind you of your pairing of choice, fanart, icons, quotes, fanmixes, practically anything your heart desires.

Here at shes_your_sam we support BOTH Bella/Jacob and Leah/Jacob pairings. And as much as we all know Leah dislikes Bella, no bashing of any kind is permitted in the community.

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1. This site is for the pairing of Jacob/Leah and Jacob/Bella only. If you dislike these pairings, please take your business elsewhere. Makes sense, right? As stated previously, no bashing of any kind is allowed in the community whether it be through comments, fanfiction, or fan art posted. No character bashing or pair bashing. To put it simply, tolerance is a must. Comments, fanfiction, or other posts containing anything listed above will be deleted and said poster will be warned by me, your friendly moderator rawrsky. If it happens again, the member will be banned.

2. All fics, songs, and fanart (icons, manips, posters, etc) must be posted under an LJ cut. If you do not know what an LJ cut is or how to do it, please take a look at the LJ FAQ for instructions.

3. No net speak!!! Do your best to use proper grammar.

4. Standards for fanfiction/fanart (you may copy and paste):

Author/Artist: lj username
Warning: such as Breaking Dawn spoilers
Author Note:
(not required)
Word Count: (not required)

All material containing an R-rating or NC-17 rating must be labeled as such. If it is not posted, it will be deleted immediately. That being said, if you are under the age of 18, do not follow links to NC-17 material. If you do, it's not my responsibility. I will not babysit you.

6. If you're linking fanfiction or art to your personal Livejournal, REMEMBER TO UNLOCK YOUR POST or it will not be visible.

7. You may post lyrics for a song that reminds you of J/B or J/L or both. Do include the following as well:

Song Title and Artist:
Reason why you chose this song:
Link to mp3 or song:
if possible

8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If I find out that this has occurred, the user will be alerted that their material has been stolen and you will be banned. Don't make me screen entries.

9. Again, you may post fanfiction, fanart, icons, manips, videos, poems, drabbles (100 words), quotes, or song lyrics pertaining to the ship of Jacob/Bella and, or Jacob/Leah.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please feel liberated to message my here on Livejournal or e-mail me: ktconvikt@aol.com

Moderator(s): rawrsky

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